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What information can I collect from visitors when they check in?

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Visitor fields are set per button; you can set up different fields for different types of visitors based on their button selection. Not all buttons allow you to use Visitor Fields, but most do.

Start on the Buttons page on the web portal. Select 'Existing Buttons,' then click to edit (or add a new one) and scroll down to the Visitor Fields section. You can 'Add a Field' or edit the fields automatically added to each button.

An image of the Button Editing screen's Visitor Fields section. The "+ Add A Field" button has been selected, and a list of available visitor fields is displayed.

There are several customization options. The first line, "Hi There, what's your full name?" will appear with the field for visitors to see. The second line, "Type your full name," appears in the field to prompt visitors as they begin typing. Both labels can be customized, allowing you to create the field of your dreams: License Number, Favorite Super Hero, etc.

You can select the three dots on the left of each button to drag and reorder them. The lock icon allows you to choose whether or not the field is required (please note the 'optional' setting is not currently available for yes/no field type).

You can view all information collected from your visitors via the Visitor Log. Name and company are immediately apparent. Additional fields can be seen by selecting the three dots at the righthand corner of the visitor's line and selecting "View Details." This page displays additional visitor information, including additional fields, NDA signature, etc.

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