The Receptionist has a variety of tools to help make the check-in process simpler, either for your team or for the visitors that are coming in. Two methods are pre-registering Visitors, or pre-checking them in. This article will discuss the differences between the two methods and the use cases for each.


Pre-registering visitors is a tool for internal use; it does not expedite the check-in process for your visitors. It is designed to give employees with Visit Log access a heads-up that they have an expected visitor.

When you pre-register visitors, you load them into your Visit Log so that they (and their expected arrival time) will display on that page. Once they arrive, visitors are matched with their pre-registration when the email they enter during check-in matches the email you enter while preregistering them.

If you are hoping to have a tool for internal use and want to know more, this article walks through pre-registration more in-depth and explains how to pre-register visitors.

Pre-Check In

Unlike pre-registering visitors, pre-check in is a tool designed primarily to ensure that visitors you know are coming in don't have to check themselves in; it puts checking in visitors in your hands, rather than theirs. This is a great tool if you are, say, holding an event and know that you will have 15 people attending, and just want to be able to enter those 15 people into the system and manually check them in when they arrive.

Pre-Check In works by manipulating Contactless check-in; you will check visitors in by using your Contactless link, entering their names, emails, or other information that your team needs. Once you've completed check-in for the visitor, they will appear in the Visit Log as a queued visit. Once the visitor arrives, you will simply select the check-in button next to their name from the visit log. The visitor will not need to interact with the iPad; the work instead falls to your team.

If you're interested in using this check-in method, please select that chat button on the lower right corner so we can talk through getting a custom set-up for you. If your team already uses this method but you can't quite remember the process, chat with us, and we can discuss your process!

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