To learn how to add an Agreement, watch our quick tutorial or
read on below:

Visit the Agreements page and click "+ Add Agreement" in the upper right. (This can also be done while editing a specific button.)

If you select Editable Text, you’ll be asked to name and give a heading for the agreement. You can then type or paste your Legal Agreement content, then edit your agreement with any images, visitor data, or other formatting you'd like. The "Visitor Data" feature will allow you to merge in fields you've collected during check in, such as name, email, etc.

When you select the YouTube Video you’ll be asked to name and give a heading for the video, and the YouTube identifier. Note that you need only to load the identifier string that comes AFTER the V in the YouTube URL. If you paste in a YouTube URL, the correct part of the URL will be parsed out for you.

With each type of agreement you have a selection of Button types you want to display to visitors:

The “Signature with Agree or Cancel” option will present a signature line for visitors to sign and a Cancel button which will cancel their check in.

The ‘Yes or No’ buttons to display will present a Yes and No button to visitors.

The “Agree or Disagree” option will show visitors an Agree button and a Disagree button.

The first option, “Signature with Agree or Cancel” is the only Agreement presentation that will collect a signature ON your legal agreement. The latter two options present slightly different wording.  ALL options will cancel the check in if Cancel, No, or Disagree is selected.  All legal agreements require ‘agreement’ in order to continue with check in.

Once your agreement has been saved you can edit any button to add this agreement OR you can set up different agreements or even multiple agreements for each button!

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