In addition to our new Contactless feature, there are many options for providing COVID-19 solutions during check-in depending on your desired outcome:

Do you want to post a message to your visitors to prevent the beginning of check-in? 

This can be accomplished by adding text to your Home Screen.

  1. Start by navigating to "Home Screen" under the Configuration section of your admin web portal. 

  2. Click on "Text" under "Settings & Options," add your message, and adjust the font size and color if desired. 

  3. Go back to "Settings & Options," click on "Layout," and adjust your layout so that the text is clearly visible on your Home Screen. In the example below, we're using the Logo/Text layout.

Do you want to deny entry to your facility if a visitor is at-risk or symptomatic?

The most effective way to do this is by adding an agreement to your check-in button. Using our Agreements tool, any “No” or “Cancel” selection to this document will automatically terminate the check-in process, so you can deny access to anyone who’s presenting symptoms and manage the risk of further coronavirus transmissions.

Here’s an example of how an agreement could be worded so that a negative response will not allow the visitor to continue to check-in:

“Please read the following statements:

—I am not exhibiting any common flu symptoms, i.e fever or cough.

—I have not had any person-to-person contact with someone who has exhibited coronavirus symptoms in the last 7 days.

—I have not visited an area where there has been a significant outbreak, such as coronavirus or influenza, in the last 7 days.”

If you need your agreements to expire and be reviewed every time a returning visitor checks in, you can use the Agreement Expiration feature. When editing an agreement, set the expiration to "When updated, or after 0 days" to ensure that returning visitors are prompted to sign the agreement upon each visit:

Do you want to ask questions regarding exposure risks and log the answers?

Add visitor fields to any check-in button to collect extra information from whomever is entering the workplace, such as their temperature reading, and keep that info stored in the visitor log. 

Please note that responding a certain way to a visitor field will not end the check-in process, as these fields are simply a way to gather information from your visitors and are not designed to deny entry.

Do you want to track employees who are entering your facility in addition to visitors?

This can be accomplished by setting up an Employee button. While there are not options to add Agreements or Visitor Fields to this button, it's a reliable way to track which employees are entering your facility in case you need to report on it in the future.

What if an employee contact is out of the office or otherwise unavailable to receive visitor notifications?

Back up notifications can be set for other employees in case the contact is out of the office and can not respond.

Do you want to limit physical contact with the iPad?

A special Home Screen background can be set to encourage the use of clean styluses (to then be discarded into a used bin). If you're interested in a free set of styluses from The Receptionist reach out to us with your info and we'll get those sent free of charge!

Please contact us by using the orange chat bubble on your screen or by calling 888-315-5230 if you have questions on implementing any of these solutions!

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