Are you a new employee who's been asked to administer your company's account and looking for an overview of the system?

Well, let us be the first to say "Welcome to the team!"

We know that any new system can be a challenge to learn, so we’ve compiled some resources designed to get you started.

If you learn better by watching, you'll probably like the following 40 minute Admin Tutorial video.

If you are someone who prefers reading, then what follows is not an exhaustive list of all our support site has to offer, but should give you a good overview of most of the primary features you’ll likely be using right out of the gate

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Getting Started as a New User

Before we get too far, make sure that an admin on the account has added you as a User. Users will be able to log into the account both on The Receptionist app and the Web Portal.

Added users will receive an invitation via email to join the team from, which will all the recipient to set up their password. If you haven’t gotten that email, check with your administrator and be sure that you’ve been added as a User.

Navigating the Web Portal

Once you’ve been added and gotten your password set, you can log into the web portal here. Different levels of users have different access levels in the system, but new administrators will almost always be Account or Location owners, who have full clearance; this article walks through various levels of access.

The Visit Log

You can view your Visit Log here, and it is generally the first screen you see upon logging in. This log keeps track of who has used your system to check-in. All the information you see will depend on how the system is set up elsewhere, but you will always be able to view visitor names and the date of their check-in.

You can also export the Visit Log, either manually or automatically. Automatic Visit Log exports can be set to occur daily, weekly or monthly. This article will walk you through exporting visit logs.


Contacts are people, usually employees, who a User has loaded into the system and who can be notified when a visitor checks in.

Changing Contacts

You can view the contacts currently in your system here.

Contacts will receive an email and text message when a visitor checks in to see them, but that can be changed by editing the contact and changing how they are notified under Messaging Rules. You can even set back-up notifications, so if your contact is not available, someone else will be notified of a visitor instead.

Adding Contacts

If you have additional contacts that need to be added, that can be done manually or via a CSV file. This article walks you through how.


Unlike Contacts, who are only notified when a visitor checks in to see them, Users are Account or Location Managers, people in charge of monitoring the visit log, security, or your billing department. They can view visitors and, sometimes, make changes to the system. Administrators may need to add new Users to the account; this article shows you how.

Changing Home Screen & Buttons

Not all Users can edit the home screen or buttons on a system. But if you are an Account or Location Owner, you have a great deal of control over how The Receptionist will look on your iPad!

Most people start with customizing the home screen to match their company’s branding. Then you can add up to 6 buttons depending on what types of visitors you expect to have. The linked articles provide a more in-depth look at that process, but we also encourage you to take a look and poke around on your own!

Button Editing

Most buttons can have Visitor Fields, which are questions you can ask incoming visitors. These can be anything from the visitor’s name to their temperature; it’s truly customizable. This article explains more about Visitor Fields.

You can also enable some buttons to print badges for visitors to wear once they check in; this article explains how to configure that layout.


Much like with buttons, not all Users will have access to billing information. But those that do can go here to change their plan, update credit card information, and more.

Looking for more?

Our Absolutely Everything article goes a little bit more in depth into the items covered here.

If you're really after all the info, then you can visit our Support Site Home Page and spelunk through all support documents in each of our categories. The search field at the top of the page is also pretty handy to find documents specific to keywords.

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